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🐾Dog cooling mat

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A dog cooling mat can help make your dog more comfortable on hot days or after an energy play with others at the dog park. It can give dogs a nice place to lie down when you hang out with the whole family in the backyard, by the pool. Some cooling mat models are designed for external use. Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, a cooling pad can become their favorite place to lay down. (If your dog doesn’t need a cooling mat, check out our list of the best dog beds for a wider variety of options for relaxing your pet.)

We have looked at dozens of different cooling pads for dogs to determine the best of the best. In fact, the suggested products are selected based on its material, cooling properties, weight and durability limits, along with online reviews.

Best dog cooling mats reviews

Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed

Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat

PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket

Dogbed4less Premium Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pet Mat

TheGreenPetShop Dog Cooling Mat

Important features to consider

Cooling mats and pads should have some important features. Here is what to consider when choosing one:

  • Size. Depending on the breed, weight, and size of your dog, you’ll want to choose a cooling mat that can support them. Some dog cooling pads come in different sizes.
  • Height. Some dog cooling beds are lifted off the floor to promote adequate airflow and better cooling properties. Sometimes these are made from nets.
  • Activate the pressure. Some cooling dog beds are always cold, while others are activated by pressure.
  • Time limit. This refers to how long the cooling mat will hold.
  • Mobility. If you plan to store or travel with your dog’s cooling bed, choosing a model that folds or fits into your pocket can help you carry it more conveniently.
  • Color. Some of the dog cooling mats we have reviewed come in a variety of colors, based on your preferences and furniture.
  • Washable cover. A washable cover can be thrown into the washing machine to keep the gasket clean.
  • Fill. There are many choices of bed filling when it comes to cooling dog mats. A popular option is gel. Some of the gels used are non-toxic, while others are never consumed by pets. No matter which cooling material is used in the dog cooling mat you bought, be sure to check regularly for signs of damage and remove it in case it is torn.
  • Freeze. Some dog cooling mats must be frozen in your home’s fridge to activate. If you do not have a place in the freezer to cool larger carpets, this type may not be a good choice.
  • Heat. You can choose a double cooling mat as a micro heating pad. This will be ideal for older arthritic dogs.


What is a cooling mat for dogs and how does it work?

A dog cooling mat is basically a dog bed with cooling, although how it works depends on the specific model. Some dog cooling mats use a piece of gel that you freeze in the freezer for a few hours and put it on the carpet, while others have a pressure-activated cooling gel that lasts up to every three hours. A raised and made-up dog cooling mat makes your dog float off the ground and provides better airflow from under the bed to help cool the pet down.

Is dog cooling pads safe?

As long as you supervise the use of a cooling mat for your dog and purchase a cooling mat designed for dogs, it is safe to use for pets. Dog cooling pads don’t drop to freezing, so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting too cold. Depending on what cooling pads are made of, you should check it before using to make sure they are not in direct contact with the gel through a tear in the fabric. If your dog has special health considerations, you can always discuss the use of cooling pads with your veterinarian. However, in most cases, a dog cooling pad will be considered relatively safe for your pet.

Any method that I can keep my dog cool in the summer?

Do not worry! There are some ways to help your dog do not feel hot during the summer. First, consider keeping your pet inside the air conditioner during the hottest times of the day and out of direct sunlight. This is the easiest way to keep your dog from overheating. Next, be sure to give your dog plenty of water. Dogs do not need ice to keep cool. Using a cooling mat and dog cooling pads may help.

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