Dog ramps / Dog stairs

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Are you interested in finding a good dog ramp or dog stairs? We usually have to face problem to carry pets when they are injured, too big, or too small. Putting your big dog into a car trunk may be difficult when they are injured thus a good dog ramps or dog stairs are in need. Those are very useful products whenever the dogs descend a car, a bed, or something much higher than the ground. Safety ramps for dog or dog stairs are perfect for not only indoor but also outdoor use. If you need the best dog ramp or dog stairs, thus it’s crucial to read this review before buying one.

1/ PetSafe Happy Ride Extendable Dog Ramp for Cars – Portable Pet Ramp

  • Adjustable access: This dog ramp measures 42-70”L x 17”W x 5″H could extend between 42” and 70” to provide your pet customized access to various heights. It fits dogs of all sizes up to 300 pounds about 136 kilograms.
  • Convenience: It’s easy to pull in order to make the telescoping sections longer. Also, built-in grips help to carry easily. Moreover, the ramp is stable at any length thanks to rubberized feet. Versatile ramp helps your pets walk up and down cars and can be placed over steps, too.
  • Safe and durable design: constructed by rugged fiberglass so it’s lightweight but still stands up rigidly for heavy using. It has textured walking surface which secures your dog by providing traction and safety and guide rails on each side which keep pets having peace of mind.
  • Notice: Having made only for pets this dog ramp is not intended for human use.
  • Warranty: guaranteed by PetSafe brand which has been a trusted global leader in designing high quality pet containment for around 30 years.

Thanks to this dog ramp, your furry friend will enjoy all time without any difficulty.


2/ Arf Pets Wood Dog Stairs, 4 Levels Height Adjustment Wide Pet Steps, Foldable

  • Adjustable access: The height of the steps can be adjusted between 21.5” and 25.5” high in 4 levels, and it is 17” wide. This wood dog stairs could bear small and medium pets over 100lbs about 45 kilograms.
  • Stylish and long-lasting design: The foldable dog stairs are made of beautiful wood with rich white color. The steps are durable fabric-lined in order to protect your pet’s paws and to prevent your pet from slipping.
  • Safe design: The steps secure your pets because they are carpeted for added traction preventing slippage.
  • Convenience: It’s easy to use without assembly requirement and you could bring it by hand when traveling or store it in warehouse thanks to foldable design.

Owning this dog stairs with adjustable height completely accommodates any home décor and protects your furry child.


3/ PetSafe Happy Ride Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp – Portable Pet Ramp

  • Advantages: This telescoping ramp with longer length and extra width helps your fur child step in or out of vehicles easily with steeper inclines such as your truck, car or in minivan by himself or herself when he or she goes on a trip with you.
  • Extra-long and adjustable access: The ramp measures 47-87” L X 20” W X 4” H.
  • Long-lasting and safe: This ramp allows pets up to 300 pounds to step in thanks to firm strong aluminum material. Your pets are pleased and comfortable when they walk on high-traction surface and side rails which protect them from falling or slipping.
  • Lightweight and convenient: This ramp weighs only 18 pounds. Hence, you can easily carry and put it in or take out of the car between each stop. Moreover, you store the ramp quickly in your car due to adjustable access that the ramp easily slides towards inside and locks by the safety latch.
  • Quality guaranteed: by PetSafe brand which missions to enhance people and pets’ life quality for 30 years as a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations.

This telescoping dog ramp is supper long but don’t worry! You can bring it anywhere due to its lightweight.


4/ Gentle Rise Dog Bed Ramp | 74″ Long and Supports Small, Large, Elderly Dogs up to 120 LBS

  • Works for all sizes of dogs: This dog ramp is 74” long and easily handles dogs up to 120 lbs about 60 kilograms.
  • Convenience: The dog ramp accesses to your bed that your elderly dog could easily and safely get up and down from the bed. Hence, it prevents him or her from unexpected injury from trying to jump down the floor. It is not much dangerous as pet stairs.
  • Non-slipping: The cover of the ramp’s walkway is made of non-slip rubber flooring which comes from recycled materials in the USA. The material provides the greatest grip and cushion to decrease pressure affecting on sore joints.
  • Safe and robust: Designed for elder dogs, the ramp has a side rail which can be installed quickly on other side, a gradual slope, a wide walkway, and a sturdy frame. Thus, your dog feels completely secure when he or she steps in it.

This gentle rise dog bed ramp secures your pets and helps your life more comfortable.


5. KHTS6310 Dog Pool Ramp

  • Works for small and medium dogs and pets:  This raised cross ribbed ramp with non-slip surface allow pets up to 65lbs to go out of the swimming pool.
  • Stylish and smart design: with two reflective colors – blue and yellow which are best for dogs and cats’ vision.
  • High quality material: waterproof materials – PVC framework. Moreover, it also includes non-skid coating, durable plastic sheets with raised cross ribs, plastic clips and rubber feet, and stainless steel screws.
  • Durable year by year: allows pets get out the pool without any damage to your pool deck. It’s lightweight, stable, and sturdy.
  • Convenience for deployment and storage: The ramp is easy to assemble. Furthermore, it includes waterproof weight bags for conveniently storing and carrying by hand. To keep the ramp stay on the edge of the pool, you just put sand on the weight bags and snap the support struts open.
  • Warranty: up to 2 year for exchange or return.

Take care of your pets even when they are in swimming pool.


6. WeatherTech PetRamp – High-Traction Foldable Pet Ramp


  • Suitable for all sizes of dogs: This modern foldable pet ramp is strong but lightweight with only 16 lbs. Having made in the USA, this pet ramp can handle most domestic pets up to 300 lbs.
  • Stylish design: prevents the pets from slipping or falling on the ground and vehicle thanks to rubber feet on both ends.
  • Quick assemble: It’s easy to set up, unfold, and put on surface to be used.
  • Long-lasting: The ramp is durable and is cleaned quickly. It will not be affected by water or air and difficult to be rusted or destroyed in chemical actions.

We guaranty our high-traction foldable pet ramp is the best one for your child and suitable for any home décor.


Stop by these above pets online markets and find good dog ramps or stairs which are most appropriate for your furry child. Hope this review is useful for those who really want to ease their pets’ lifestyle.