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Dog bed benefits

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Let’s discuss dog bed benefits!

Just as you prefer to sleep on a bed than the floor or having that special seat in the house that you have claimed as “your seat”, your dog wants a comfy place rest and a spot to call their own. Aside from enjoying the quality you can find in dog beds, there are a lot of bonuses that these beds can provide; such as warmth, support, and a sense of security. Below you will find a detailed list of all the dog bed benefits you can receive when buying one.

The following are characteristics that can benefit both the dog and their masters. Getting plenty of rest is an important factor when it comes to the health of your dog. Maybe you have already experience the kind of discomfort and lack of alertness that comes with improper sleep. Dogs require more sleep than us humans, and not getting good sleep can hinder proper and healthy development. This is especially true if the majority of that sleep is on a cold, hard floor.

Once you are done reviewing all the benefits, please check out our product page for some of the excellent beds that we have available.

dog bed benefits

Here are just a few benefits that can be obtained by a quality dog bed:


A dog’s fur was designed by Mother Nature to keep them warm against the cold, but sometimes it is not enough to be furry. A dog bed can give your precious pooch the right amount of insulation to better protect them from both the heat of the summer or the bitter cold of winter. As well as be comfortable and supportive.

Dander control

Aside from the comfort that your dog can obtain from our beds, they will also aid in allergy and clean-up relief. A dog bed provides a “main” sleeping area in which a majority of their shedding and/or dander will be contained. There are many dog beds on the market that are also reversible, thus providing an additional laying surface and increase the time between washing.

Cushion and support

Dog beds are a great idea for older dogs to help give them the support they need for their aging joints. For this, we carry Orthopedic Dog Beds, for that extra bit of comfort to prevent arthritis and relieve soreness for dogs with arthritis. This type of bed will provide the utmost support and comfort that can help any furry friend maintain healthy joints and lessen the chance of getting arthritis.

Personal space

Having a dog bed can provide your furry friend with their own personal space to curl up in and relax, giving them an additional sense of security in the home. Just as you enjoy having that special spot in the home that is all yours, your dog wants one too. Maybe you have a chair that is known to be “your chair”. Your dog can also benefit and enjoy having that spot in the home that is all their own.


Your dog requires more sleep than us humans do. Dogs can sleep as much as 18 hours per day, depending on their breed. You may have noticed what it is like to spend a night or two on a hard surface. It is very uncomfortable, your joints will ache, and you do not feel rested. Can you imagine what it might be like if you needed twice as much sleep and had to sleep like that night after night? Why would you put your dog through that?

When buying a dog bed, make sure that the size fits according to the dog’s general proportions. Your dog should have enough room to stretch out comfortably without hanging over the sides. Also, be sure to place the bed out of the way of high traffic areas.

Injury prevention

When you provide your dog with their very own bed, you are decreasing the chances of them getting hurt or injured from the pains of sleeping on a hard floor. This will also help to reduce the chances of any potential “furniture hazards”, which can be caused by your dog jumping onto or off the couch.


Allowing your dog to stay outside exposes them to all the different kinds of elements. That is why providing a cozy, warm bed for your beloved pooch is advised. For this, we offer dog beds that are tough enough and water repellent, so that they can be used indoor or outdoor.

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