Pet strollers

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Over the last few years, stroller for pet (called shortly as pet stroller), have been appeared and became popular more and more. Its apparition has opened up many opportunities for pet owners.  You can enjoy outdoor activities with pets such as walking, jogging without any concerns.

  1. Why should have a pet stroller?
  2. Standard to choose a stroller for your pet
  3. Reviews top pet strollers on the market

Reasons for having a pet stroller

Indeed, there are many reasons that pet parents should have one

  • Making carriage easier for your pet. Whether you go to the vet, or to an outdoor activity like a concert or just to a restaurant, your pet will have a safe and familiar place to rest. The carrier will keep your pet from getting too much sun or getting wet in the rain. It also gives your pet a nice barrier from other potentially aggressive animals.
  • Taking your pet to work with you without any difficulties. In a pet stroller, your pet has a familiar and discreet place to take a nap without dragging the kennel to the office. It will also make taking your pet in and out of the car a lot simplier.
  • Protecting pets in an emergency situation. In such case, pets are often so scared that they run away before their pet’s parents can put them in a kennel or carrier. A pet stroller will allow you to protect your pet in an emergency and make it easy to take your pet with you wherever you go.
  • Protecting the pet paws. In the summer when pavement above 40 degrees can feel like hot coals for your pet. In the winter, they have to deal with freezing, snow and salt on roads and sidewalks. Putting your dog / cat in the stroller helps relieve them from those elements and protects their feet.
  • Assisting older or injured or disabled pets. They will have a chance to get fresh air and sunlight. If your furried friend has trouble of moving, you can use a pet stroller to walk your pet. In addition, if you want to rest, your pet can take a nap in the stroller.
  • Better exercising . If your pet has trouble keeping up with you when you’re walking or running, you can take a stroller and let your pet ride when they’re tired. That way you can get the exercise you want and your pet can still enjoy the time outdoors.

Features to choose a pet stroller

  • Suspension system. This is crucial if you plan on running, for sure. This will make easier for your pet to ride, regardless of how you use the carrier. And if you take a suspension stroller, your pushing will also become much simplier. Therefore, suspension system is almost a must-have for a pet jogging stroller.
  • Tire. Get the right tire for use. If you intend to do jogging, big tires with good traction are ideal. If you want to walk with your pet through the park, you can choose lightweight plastic /poly foam tires. And when you are going to apply a convertible one that will become twice as a bike trailer, pay attention to conventional air-filled rubber tires.
  • Weight size. You obviously want a carrier that your pet can use with its fully developed size, thus ensure you are considering long-term when deciding your purchase. Do not forget that any of your pet friends you may want to bring in the stroller when you reckon with weight capacity. If you would like to take more than one dog / cat, you may have to change your demand.
  • Waterproof. You can seek a pushchair that the full fabric design is water resistant or even waterproof, if you’re lucky. But more generally, your stroller attach to a detachable waterproof cover that will protect your pet (or you can buy one distinctly). Take into account the advantages of each type because while we can forecast the weather, it could not be 100% accurate. You should choose something safer rather than sorry.
  • Surround. An effectively enclosed stroller in which your pet cannot run away is a helpful feature during your pet training. Moreover, in case that your pet is a runner or easily bewildered, it can be the most critical feature. Even if your dog / cat behaves well, sometimes you will need to keep it from the outside’s harm, in lieu of outside from it.

Best pet strollers

Dog stroller and cat stroller are the most looking for items of pet parents. By design and funtions, they look similar. So we will focus to review dog stroller which is representative of pet stroller item.

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller – RUNNER UP

In favor of dogs who prefer an extra gentle promenade, no one can be more ideal than the Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller. The technology called NO-ZIP cuts down problem when pet owner try to open or close the stroller. It additionally supports to achieve easy approach to your pet without using force to open durable zippers.

The stroller sets off perfectly with a great panoramic view window to let your dog easy look out of the exterior side view during moving. Furthermore, it sets up an elevated paw rest which is removable to provide greater assistance and highest convenience for the long way.
The 12-inch quick-release air ride tires help the promenade effortless and agreeable over the majority of terrain’s kind for your pooch. You may likewise latch the front wheel to well manage the speed and get more stable while jogging or walking.
The large carrier’s chasis lets carrying all essentials of your pet when hanging out all day with your dog. Finally, the 600 Denier water resistant fabric helps to protect your furried baby from rain or snow.

Paws & Pals 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller – BEST BUDGET

If you would like to purchase a pet stroller but have a limited budget, consider Paws & Pals City N Stride which is relevant for both dogs and cats. It is the best-selling stroller for small pets and perfect for short trips on flat surfaces. City dwellers prefer this carrier to take their pets for a walk outdoors.

This high-quality lightweight stroller weighs up to 12 pounds and measures 40.9 by 47.2 by 23.2 inches. This stroller is made of a combination of aluminum, rubber, plastic, and nylon. These materials make it lightweight and facilitate to move easily at different places for a user-friendly experience. It also features with a retractable waterproof rain hood that keeps the rain or the sun away from your pet. With the retracted hood, you can get the facility to pull off the covering and allow your dog to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. The seat belt leash and rear security brakes of the stroller keep your dog safe and secure while strolling. The stroller is also designed with 4 wheels which make sure it will remain balanced and enhance for a smooth rapid walk without any fear of balancing with your pooch. The spacious design offers maximum movement inside the stroller so that your dog won’t feel confined in the carriage space. Your dog can make a full circle, lie down, sit up and roll around if necessary.



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