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Summer grooming survival tips

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Summer is upon us and the weather is hot. Everyone wants their dog groomed whether they are a regular client or a once a year clean up.

Here are some summer grooming survival tips for your reference.

summer grooming for dog

For the more sporadic groom-outs on rough-coated breeds (Collies, Huskies, Shepherds, Retrievers, Shelties, Samoyeds), we suggest having a wide variety of de-matting tools, rakes and combs to help break up the felting and matting in the coat prior to brushing – an important thing for this summer grooming tip.

  • A V-rake may break through better than a straight rake on one coat and a straight rake may work better on another coat. We have found that a moulting comb works best on tight Shepherd coats and the shorter coat that graduates up the thigh, on the back legs and upper forearm of Collies, Shelties, Aussies and the like. After you break up the big mess into a lot of smaller matts, it becomes much easier to brush out remaining shed and matted coat.
  • Mattsplitters are very useful for splicing apart giant felted areas or large matts. The Mattbreaker is great for those tight behind the ears matts, matted elbows and the base of the tail. After splicing, spray your favourite dematting solution into the coat and brush.
  • Carding and plucking these breeds is also very important in the maintenance of their coats. Dogs are carded on a regular basis generally have healthier skin, deeper colour and a glossier coat that will matt less and is more weather-resistant.
  • Pluck and card out that pale peach fuzz hair that grows on the sides of the legs and in the back coat & ruff of those Retrievers, Collies, Shelties, etc. If you scissor it off, it’ll reappear quicker. Pluck it out and it’ll take longer to grow back. The dog looks nicer longer.

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