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How to make your cat happy and healthy

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As any cat owner knows, cats are naturally curious, hyperactive and will think of ways to cheer up themselves. However the same family environment can make tedious even with a cat. A spiritless cat can become stressed and like a bored, tired person; stress turn into disfigured, out-acted and even in a blue funk. Luckily, your cat doesn’t need to go to a cat entertainment center. There are some ways you can make your cat happy and healthy without spending a lot of time or money.

1. Ensure a sufficient number and variety of toys

Cat toys don’t need to be bought in stores or special. Paper bags, wool dryer balls, cardboard boxes and similar things all make perfect toys. Whichever toy you choose, make sure they have no strings and other small parts that your cat can swallow and can choke. Whenever possible, choose toys made from natural materials, ideally undyed or color fast. While some toys are safe to stay around your kitten, others should only put to use under your control. Don’t lose sleep if at the beginning your cat doesn’t enjoy a new toy product. It may take several days, weeks or even months to display enthusiasm in a new gewgaw. If you detect that your pet displease in his old toys, tuck in them for a while. When you take them out for several months, your cat can explore them again. Do not forget that at cat’s pointview, their best playthings are the ones they get to play with you. Therefore, keep it connected usually.

2. Offer your cat a new perspective

Cats are naive creatures, so any unfamiliarity is exciting. Putting a new piece of furniture next to your cat’s favorite window to change the height from which she observes outside is a good idea to entertain her. Similarly, sometimes rearranging the furniture in other to your cat get in touch with another perch is a good and cheap way to create some diversity in her life.

3. Regularly change your cat’s food

An adjustment in your cat’s diet does not need (and, if fact, should not) be sudden. Even the new taste of the same food might play a real treat for your furried friend. Keep in mind that food consumtion of your pet doesn’t mean she likes it and in any case your favorite food will be uninteresting if you never ate anything else. However, make sure you do not change your cat’s food all at once because doing so could provoke serious stomach discomfort with unpleasant side effects like diarrhea. Just begin by putting about 75% of the old food and 25% of the new food in your cat’s bowl. Increasing little by little the rate of new food for more than ten days to two weeks, your cat will ingest nothing but new food. She/he will enjoy the change and you will be grateful to no need to clean up a smelly mess.

4. Massage your cat

If your cat likes scratching or rubbing her belly, try to fondle it in a different way than before. You can scratch the position on her back right in front of her tail, mildly dabbing your hands up and down her spine. On the other hand, just use a new brush, which will create a new feeling and can make her sit longer for grooming. Your cat may look like you’re crazy when you attempt to do something new, but if nothing else, she will appreciate the enhanced attention and you will detect that your cat takes delight in something you did not expect.

Breeding a cat is not easy at the beginning. However, with simple things, hope you will make your cat happy and healthy. To be sure that after all, your life, pet owners and cats, will become more interesting and interactive.

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